Hello Parents!
Dododex is working on breeding tools & features to help improve your parenting skills in Ark: Survival Evolved. Please share your feedback on how you breed (well... not you personally... TMI!) and what features you'd like to see.

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How important do you consider breeding in your overall Ark gameplay? *

Roughly, how many babies do you think you've ever bred? *

(Answer 0 if none.)
Roughly, how many creatures (babies or adult) do you currently own on the server (or single-player) that you play on most? *

(Alive ones only. Feel free to include tribe-owned creatures if your tribe shares dinos.)
Does your tribe share dinos? *

What do you find most confusing about breeding in Ark (if anything)?

What is the most challenging part of breeding in Ark?

What is the best part of breeding in Ark?

What breeding topics are you most interested in mastering or learning more about? (Please select up to three.)

Skip this question if you don't have any interest in any of these topics.

Imagine there was a tool to keep track of all of your dino's base stats, with a family tree tool where you could associate babies with their parents. How likely would you be to use this tool to keep track of your dinos? *

Why did you select "{{answer_40081133}}"? Tell me more about how you would feel about this tool. *

Please rate the following features on how important you feel they are.

Please rate them honestly, and consider their importance against each other (avoid marking them all as 10).
Calculator To Find Remaining Maturation Time *

Enter your baby's weight and find out how long until it becomes an adult.
Incubation & Maturation Timer *

Set a timer to track your baby's progress. (incubation > baby > juvenile > adolescent > adult)
Imprinting Calculator *

Stats and calculations on imprinting each creature.
Offspring Stats *

Calculate the possible stats of an offspring based on its parents.
Family Trees *

As mentioned previously in this survey, this would keep track of the base stats of your creatures, and track the parents of your babies.
Baby Food Calculator / Trough Calculator *

Calculate how much food will be required for your baby (or babies) and how much you'll need to put in your trough.
If you had to choose only three of those features to be implemented first, which would you choose?

Do you have any feedback about the features you just rated?

For example, why you rated them a certain way or any specific ways you'd like to see them implemented?
Other than the features mentioned in this survey, are there any other breeding-related features you'd like to see added to Dododex?

What breeding tools do you currently use (if any)? What do you like about them?

(Websites, apps, spreadsheets...)
One last thing: How would you rate your overall satisfaction with Dododex?

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